PrePaid Fares
All peak time pre paid fares are final after a twelve hour cooling off period from the time of the payment. No refunds will be offered for them unless after they have been canceled we are subsequently able to fill the same space again. Off peak pre paid fares can be canceled so long as there is at least 24 hours notice give. Again should you cancel and we are subsequently able to fill the space you will be issues with a refund. For situatoins where we are unable to provide a service which has been pre paid such a mechanical failure of the vehicle or driver illness we will endevour to find you a suitable replacement from another firm. If no alternative you consider suitable can be found you will be issued with an imediate refund.

Soiling The Vehicle
Anyone who soils the vehicle will be subjected to a minimum £50 fine. This is to cover the cost of having the vehicle professionally cleaned afterwards. There may be additional charges applied if as a result of the vehicle being soiled we have to stop working for a time in order to get the vehicle cleaned because its unsuitble to carry other passengers in.

BreakDowns In Transit
In the event of our vehicle suffering a mechanical fault while you are in the vehicle cover is provided by a breakdown service which includes onwards travel for our passenengers.

Agressive Behevious And Abuse
Everyone has the right to work in an abuse free enviroment. If someone is abusive or agressive in our vehicles they will be asked to desist. If it contiumes they may be asked to leave the vehicle. In extreeme cases the vehicle will be stopped completely and the police will be called to handle the situation.